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From bloke +‎ -ish.


blokeish (comparative more blokeish, superlative most blokeish)

  1. (Britain, informal) Characteristic or typical of a bloke.
    • 2002 December, Cole Moreton, review of Sinead O'Connor, Sean-nós nua, in Third Way, page 31,
      The blokeish bar-room ballad ‘Peggy Gordon’ is performed as a tender love song for another woman.
    • 2003, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Andrew Brown (translator), Sartre, page 443,
      He's stuck his hand in his pocket as if he wanted to look more like an ordinary man, or more blokeish.
    • 2003, Peter Buckley, The Rough Guide to Rock[1], page 1161:
      Hailed by a host of younger guitar bands such as Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis, Weller dropped the jazzy noodlings of his previous couple of sets in favour of a raw, blokeish sound.


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