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book-lover (plural book-lovers)

  1. Alternative form of book lover.
    • 1887, “Reviews”, in The Antiquary: A Magazine Devoted to the Study of the Past, volume XV, London: Elliot Stock, []; New York, N.Y.: David G. Francis, [], section “Book Prices Current. No. 1. []”, page 183, column 2:
      But for book-lovers, and those who delight to read catalogues and such-like records of book-history, it will, if we mistake not, prove to be a source of unfailing interest.
    • 1999 October, Robert Hood, “Going to the Library”, in Scouting, page 46:
      The library, whether it be on a dirt road or a superhighway, is a congenial home for book-lovers.
    • 2009, Stewart Clark; Graham Pointon, Words: A User’s Guide, London; New York, N.Y.: Routledge, published 2014, →ISBN, page 46:
      Here are some other words for book-lovers and a few for book-haters: []