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From bore +‎ -some.


boresome (comparative more boresome, superlative most boresome)

  1. Marked by boredom; boring; uninteresting
    • 2002, Sigrid Nunez, For Rouenna:
      [...], but if he didn't, he says, the job would be too boresome. Boresome, too boresome, is a good way to describe that ten- hour round-trip ride. I am one of the few making it alone.
    • 2006, Philip Furia, ‎Michael L. Lasser, America's Songs:
      “[...] You got to hang on to the melody and never let it get boresome.” That desire never to be “boresome” underscored the ebullience and joy in most of his songs.
    • 2007, Katherine Baccaro, Precipice: A Novel of Lust and Lies:
      Boresome time descended. The kind of time that droops over your knuckles and impedes your fingers' function.

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