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boy +‎ dyke


boydyke (plural boydykes)

  1. (slang) A biological female with a male presentation and identification.
    • 1998, Rosamund Else-Mitchell, Naomi Flutter, Talking Up: Young Women's Take on Feminism (page 97)
      But I don't think boydykes have dibs on playing with gender: I too like the sexiness of a floating signifier.
    • 2007, Ilan H. Meyer, Mary E. Northridge, The Health of Sexual Minorities (page 40)
      Thus, research designs that operationalize sexual identity in a unidimensional, fixed, limited, forced-choice manner omit most of the homoerotic youth who assume unspecified sexual identities (e.g., two-spirit, boydyke, omnisexual, trans-boi), []
    • 2011, Mimi Marinucci, Feminism is queer, page 55:
      In 2000, several 'trannie boys, boydykes, FTMs, Lesbian Avengers and young gender-variant women' - who were not transsexual women - were evicted from the festival for their refusal to identify as 'womyn-born womyn' []