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brick +‎ -ish


brickish (comparative more brickish, superlative most brickish)

  1. resembling brick, bricklike
    • 1922, Bertrand W. Sinclair, The Hidden Places[1]:
      One moment his shoulders and his head stood plain in every detail, even to the brickish redness of his skin and the curve of his fingers about the glasses; the next he was gone.
    • 1909, Various, The Lock And Key Library[2]:
      "Well, she had a slate-colored, broad-brimmed straw hat, with a feather of a brickish red.
  2. (slang, Britain, dated) Like a brick, a helpful or reliable person.
    • 1901, Frederick Swainson, Acton's Feud[3]:
      "It's awfully brickish of you, Worcester," said Acton, as Grim was heard trotting up the corridor "to stand down."