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broad +‎ acre


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broadacre (not comparable)

  1. (Australia) Of or pertaining to, or suitable for large-scale farming.
    • 2004, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2004 Year Book, Australia[1], page 423:
      Higher prices for most major broadacre commodities, including wheat, wool and beef, contributed to a large increase in profits for the majority of Australia′s broadacre farms in 2001-02.
    • 2010, Roberto Benedetti, Federica Piersimoni, Marco Bee, Agricultural Survey Methods, page 232,
      The survey covers broadacre agriculture across all of Australia (see Figure 20.1), but excludes small and hobby farms.
    • 2011, Rebecca Jones, Green Harvest: A History of Organic Farming and Gardening in Australia[2], page 17:
      Broadacre organic farmers − farmers of sheep, beef and cereals − of the inland and the semiarid interior were particularly active in adapting organic production methods to Australian conditions.