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broogh (plural brooghs)

  1. (chiefly Isle of Man) A steep bank or grassy cliff.
    • 1966, in the Report of the Manx Archaeological Survey, volume 6, page 61:
      The local place-name 'Chapel Gate' — 'the road to the Chapel' — is of some antiquity (J. J. Kneen, Place-Names, I, p. 22) and applies particularly to the steep pathway down the brooghs to the keeill-site and well at the west end of 'Chapel Bay'.
    • 1970, Manx Museum and National Trust, The Journal of the Manx Museum, volume 7, issues 86-87, page 162:
      The new Trust property also includes the interesting small prehistoric stone circle on the nearby brooghs and is also of considerable botanical interest. The cliff top shows a fine example of the hummock heath produced by a combination of []