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cachaca (plural cachacas)

  1. Alternative form of cachaça
    • 2007 March 9, Mike Sula, “Diversify Your Larder”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Pepe's Food & Liquor (2333 N. Western, 773-278-8756) appears to be your standard neighborhood liquor and sundries store, but it also carries a small stock of Brazilian goods, most importantly two kinds of cachaca, the rumlike sugarcane liquor critical to caipirinhas and batidas.
    • 1997 March 7, Don Rose, “Restaurant Tours: Rio rules at Rhumba”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Though Rhumba has a fine selection of wines, including many by the glass, a good before-dinner bet is Brazil's classic cocktail, the caipirinha, made from a special rumlike drink called cachaca with sugar and sliced limes ($5).




  1. feminine singular of cachaco


cachaca f (plural cachacas, masculine cachaco, masculine plural cachacos)

  1. (Peru, pejorative) female police officer, feminine equivalent of cachaco