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  1. present participle of can


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canning (uncountable)

  1. The process of preserving food by heat processing in a sealed vessel (a sealed jar or can).
  2. The practice of collecting aluminum cans or other recyclable objects; making money by collecting and selling such things.
    • 2013 February 20, Audie Cornish, quoting Matthew O'Neill, “In ‘Redemption,’ Collecting Cans To Survive”, in NPR News[1]:
      Canners know when they hear the clink of a bottle going into a garbage bin. []
      CORNISH: Now, there's also this sense of loss in hearing people in the movie describe what they had been doing before canning became a way of life for them.
    • 2016 April 8, Malia Wollan, quoting Eugene Gadsen, “How to make money collecting bottles and cans”, in New York Times[2]:
      “In canning, you go where you want and do what you want,” Gadsden says. “You’re your own boss.”
    • 2016 August 6, Julia Carrie Wong, “Collecting cans to survive”, in The Guardian[3]:
      But the income that many Californians rely on from canning is imperiled by a crisis for recycling centers.