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The term was most likely coined by Fernão Mendes Pinto but a Malay origin is not excluded.[1]


  • (Portugal) IPA(key): /kɐ.kɨ.sɐj.ˈtɐ̃w̃/, /kɐ.kɨ.sej.ˈtɐ̃w̃/
  • Hyphenation: ca‧ques‧sei‧tão


caquesseitão m (plural caquesseitões)

  1. A creature mentioned in Fernão Mendes Pinto’s memoir Peregrinação, described as having the size of a large duck, being black, having bat-like wings, a lizard-like tail, a snake-like neck, spikes the length of a quill on its back and a rooster-like spur on the back of its head.

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  1. ^ Fernão Mendes Pinto; Pedro Crasbeeck (1614), chapter XIV, in Peregrinaçam (in Portuguese), page 14: “Vimos aquy tambem hũa [] eſtranha feyção de bichos, aque os naturaes da terra chamão Caqueſſeitão