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Etymology 1Edit

From carpent(er), carpent(ry) +‎ -ing.


carpenting (countable and uncountable, plural carpentings)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) The work or skill of a carpenter, carpentry.
    • 1983, D. H. Lawrence, ‎Andrew Robertson, ‎James T. Boulton, The White Peacock, page 237:
      We climbed the ladder into the loft that was strewn with farming implements and with carpenting tools.
    • 1989, Educational and Psychological Interactions - Issues 93-99, page 60:
      He had not always been a day labourer but learnt carpenting skills from his father who was also a carpenter.
    • 2011, Jennifer Tolbert Roberts, Athens on Trial: The Antidemocratic Tradition in Western Thought:
      If a carpenter and a cobbler were to exchange trades, Plato complains, the result would be poor carpenting and cobbling []

Etymology 2Edit


carpenting (plural carpentings)

  1. Misspelling of carpeting.