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carrot +‎ -y


carroty (comparative more carroty, superlative most carroty)

  1. Resembling carrots in colour, taste, etc.
    • 1821, Sir Walter Scott, Kenilworth
      The pupil, thus affectionately invoked, at length came stumbling into the room; a queer, shambling, ill-made urchin, who, by his stunted growth, seemed about twelve or thirteen years old, though he was probably, in reality, a year or two older, with a carroty pate in huge disorder, a freckled, sunburnt visage, with a snub nose, a long chin, and two peery grey eyes []
  2. Containing carrots; made of carrots.
    • 1998, George Englebretsen, Line Diagrams for Logic: Drawing Conclusions
      My soup has the positive constitutive property of being carroty, of having carrots in it; of carrotiness; it has the negative constitutive property of lacking meat, of meatlessness.


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