cat lady



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A cat lady feeding strays in Rome.

cat lady (plural cat ladies)

  1. (informal) A woman, often elderly, who devotes her time and attention to one or usually many domestic cats.
    Hypernym: catlover
    • 2009 March 19, Jessica Fargen, “Cops: Lady froze her cats again”, in Boston Herald[1]:
      Beacon Hill’s notorious cat lady was in the spotlight again yesterday after an angry confrontation with cops who say they found at least two dead felines in her freezer following a brief standoff at her Plymouth home.
    • 2009 November, Suzanne Mullett, ABC News[2]:
      The most common is a female character. Single of course, lamenting that she can never own a cat because once you have one you won't be far away from being the cat lady of the neighborhood.



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