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Blend of celebrity +‎ lesbian.


celesbian (plural celesbians)

  1. A celebrity who is also famous for being a lesbian.
    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are well known celesbians.
    • 2006 March 13, “Best Lesbian Bar”, in New York[1], volume 39, number 8–14, page 84:
      The weekend parties, which feature thong-clad girls writhing on stripper poles, are hip enough to pull in a mix of faux-hawks, bridge-and-tunnel singles, celesbians, and even a spattering of boys.
    • 2008, Linda Villarosa, Passing for Black, page 180:
      I might've been able to get by with the whole gay thing had Gait been a "celesbian," like Ellen DeGeneres or Sheryl Swoopes.
    • 2009, Sally Jackson, "Stand out and sell", The Australian, page 14:
      Marie Claire got lucky in November with Lindsay Lohan talking openly about her "celesbian" affair, and InStyle struck gold in April with the freshly bobbed Katie Holmes.
    • 2010, Group Work with Populations at Risk, 3rd edition, edited by Geoffrey L. Greif, Paul H. Ephross, page 364:
      Some clients will think that the life of celesbians (celebrity lesbians visible in movies and television) represent the life that all lesbians will have — leading to disappointment, confusion, and, in some, despair.