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chandon beni



Alternative formsEdit


French chardon béni (blessed thistle).


chandon beni (uncountable)

  1. (Caribbean) culantro (Eryngium foetidum)
    • 1997, Caricomview: A Monthly Newsletter of the Caricom Secretariat, page 8:
      The people of Trinidad and Tobago also love their shark and bake which they spide with a sauce made from chadon beni (one of the most versatile herbs that is used to spice meats or make a flavoured pepper sauce).
    • 1999, Caribbean Islands Handbook 2000, page 970:
      If you go to Maracas Bay, have shark-and-bake, a spicy fried bread sandwich of fried shark with a variety of sauces such as tamarind, garlic, chadon beni.
    • 2009, Monique Roffey, The White Woman on the Green Bicycle:
      The air was spiced with chadon beni and wild thyme, his favourite perfume.