Alternative formsEdit


Clipping of chock-a-block


chokka (comparative more chokka, superlative most chokka)

  1. (informal) Crowded or full; at or near capacity.
    1. Tightly packed, especially with people.
      • 2016 April 16, MrsGibsonsJam [username], “Pubs in the centre for a quiet drink on a Friday evening?”, in Reddit[1], r/Bristol:
        7 Stars decent and you can guess the band playing next door in the fleece by the clientele. and the bridge is now chokka since the college opened opposite, although if you get there early, you can have fun watching youngens trying to make rollies on the benches outside.
    2. Very busy; having a full workload.
      • 2012, Clezy, Ken, Now in Remission, →ISBN, page 69:
        'I would if I could,' I said, I hoped convincingly, 'but you know what Mondays are like here. I'm absolutely chokka, but I've got an idea. Bill Hamer sees outpatients this afternoon, so I'll book him in there.'