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circumvolution +‎ -ary


circumvolutionary (comparative more circumvolutionary, superlative most circumvolutionary)

  1. Pertaining to something that revolves, rotates, or gyrates around an axis.
    • 1835, Robert Huish, The Last Voyage of Capt. Sir John Ross, page 515:
      ... instead of arriving at Nichilli, on the 21st, their arrival did not take place until the 27th; and this delay was solely to be attributed to the circumvolutionary disposition of their guides, who, instead of proceeding in a straight line to the destined spot, went in a curvilinear direction, until, at one time, they were at a greater distance from Nichilli than they were when they set out from the ship.
    • 1901, Lorenzo Dow, Jr., "Impovement", in D. Barton Ross, A Southern Speaker, page 279:
      In this respect it is like the rolling avalanche, that leaves detached portions of its bulk by the way, and yet keeps augmenting in its circumvolutionary course.
    • 1920, John Martin Russell, Solar empyrean; or, Cosmos and the mysteries expounded, page 47:
      But the circumvolutionary motion of a planetary vortex, in like manner, effects the rotary motion of the planet and the orbital motion of its respective satellites.