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citizen scientist (plural citizen scientists)

  1. (job, sciences) An amateur (or nonprofessional) scientist; especially, a person who collects data from the natural world that can be used by scientists.
    • 2012, Janis L. Dickinson, Rick Bonney, Citizen Science: Public Participation in Environmental Research, Cornell University Press (→ISBN)
      But now the stage is set for the return of the amateur, in a twenty-first century incarnation, as the citizen scientist. The popular spirit is willing. Citizen scientists already comprise the vanguard of a new nature movement, one as focused on []
    • 2014, Ann Cooper, Dragonflies: Q&A Guide: Fascinating Facts About Their Life in the Wild, Stackpole Books (→ISBN), page 94
      As a citizen scientist, you may want to submit well-documented photographs to the website Odonata Central to increase the information available about where and when species turn up in this country. If you see migrating dragonflies, you can []


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