English edit

Etymology edit

clickbait +‎ -er

Noun edit

clickbaiter (plural clickbaiters)

  1. (derogatory) One who creates or publishes clickbait.
    • 2016 October 26, “The 11 smartest people to appear on 'The Big Bang Theory'”, in Fox News:
      But as a professional clickbaiter, I am qualified to rank them based on how annoying I find their public persona.
    • 2017 September 13, Eleanor Dickinson, “P&G Asia brand director: 'We were clickbaiters – and a giant duck still got more likes than we did."”, in Mumbrella Asia:
      A leading marketeer for Procter & Gamble in Asia has revealed that she had “generations of training” in how to make Facebook adverts, but that the company still became a “clickbaiter”.
    • 2018 July 9, Meghana Rajeshwar, “Don't trash it”, in Deccan Herald:
      While that may have the ring of a clickbaiter headline, the concept has always been part of traditional Indian cooking.