1. present participle of clop


clopping (plural cloppings)

  1. The sound or action of something that clops.
  2. (My Little Pony fandom slang) The act of masturbating to erotic fanart of My Little Pony characters.
    • 2013, Thomas Raethel, "The Mysterious World of Bronies", Critic (University of Otago), Issue 22, 9 September 2013, page 33:
      According to an internal study undertaken by bronies themselves, 19.05 per cent of respondents engaged in clopping.
    • 2014, Brian R., "Top 5: Mother's Day Gifts", Desire Magazine, May 2014, page 19:
      You prove your ability to procreate by tastefully introducing your Mother to your My Little Pony collection and your fervent love of clopping (Urban Dictionary it) and your amazing fedora hat rack!
    • 2015, Terrence Smith, "Galloping With the Bronies", Valley Advocate, 10 March 2015:
      And the most uncomfortable question bronies get is about “clopping,” that is, masturbating to pony porn.