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clostellum n (genitive clostellī); second declension

  1. keyhole
    • c. 27 CE – 66 CE, Petronius, Satyricon CXL
      Itaque ego quoque, ne desidia consuetudinem perderem, dum frater sororis suae automata per clostellum miratur, accessi temptaturus an pateretur iniuriam.
      Therefore, fearing through inaction I might lose an opportunity, I also made advances to the brother who was enjoying the gymnastics of his sister through the keyhole, to see if he would prove amenable to assault.


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative clostellum clostella
genitive clostellī clostellōrum
dative clostellō clostellīs
accusative clostellum clostella
ablative clostellō clostellīs
vocative clostellum clostella