From cloud +‎ -ly.


cloudly (comparative cloudlier or more cloudly, superlative cloudliest or most cloudly)

  1. (nonstandard) Of or pertaining to a cloud or clouds; cloudlike; cloudy; nebulous.
    • 1824, Works: Tales of a traveller; the conquest of Spain:
      Here the redoubtable Ramm contracted his brow, clasped up his mouth, till it wrinkled at each corner, and redoubled his smoking with such vehemence, that the cloudly volumes soon wreathed round his head, as the smoke envelopes the awful summit of Mount Etna.
    • 1986, Comparative biochemistry and physiology:
      In acidified acetone, the above mentioned skeletons yielded yellow or orange organic solutions which float above a colourless cloudly aqueous solution.
    • 1987, American Society for Microbiology, Applied and environmental microbiology:
      When the Shyr mutant was grown on this cloudly medium, there was a clear zone surrounding the colonies.
    • 1994, Walter A. Flood, Walter Blaine Miller, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, Atmospheric propagation and remote sensing III:
      For a cloudly atmosphere (curves 2-6) with the growth of the optical thickness T of a cloudly layer the decrease of the contribution of the photons with the small lengthes of the run are observed in the receiving streams, []

Usage notesEdit

  • Generally an error for cloudy.