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cludge (plural cludges)

  1. (slang, Britain dialectal) A toilet.
    • 1994, Gordon Legge, I Love Me (Who Do You Love?), page 10:
      ‘Listen, hen, I better get going. Just need to visit the old cludge first.’
    • 2012, Caitlin Moran, Moranthology, Ebury Press 2012, p. 48:
      Should I ever coin it in with a series of bonkbusters, I reflect, looking at the draughty – doubtless rat-infested – cludge, I should like to erect a similar statue, to all the nameless women throughout time who died on the toilet of cystitis.
  2. Alternative form of kludge


cludge (third-person singular simple present cludges, present participle cludging, simple past and past participle cludged)

  1. Alternative form of kludge