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A single-person concept car (2004)


concept car (plural concept cars)

  1. (automotive) An automobile which is not available for retail sale and which is usually only a mock-up having limited functionality, but which may be displayed at auto shows to represent design ideas under consideration for future vehicles.
    • 1990 July 1, George Harrar, "Technology: The ‘Concept Car’ Pushes Change ," New York Times (retrieved 1 May 2014):
      On the auto show circuit, concept cars lend excitement to the more down-to-earth models on the platform next door, the ones actually available for purchase.
    • 2007 Oct. 11, Bryan Walsh, "The History of the Electric Car," Time (retrieved 1 May 2014):
      Introduced as a concept car in early 2007, the Volt is a next-generation hybrid, a plug-in.