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Back-formation from consensus.


consense (third-person singular simple present consenses, present participle consensing, simple past and past participle consensed)

  1. To agree; to form by consensus.
    • 1970, Harry Hay, “Western Homophile Conference Keynote Address,” in Speaking for Our Lives, Robert B Ridinger ed. [1], 2003
      We consense, we affirm and re-affirm the Free Community of Spirit, we acknowledge a spokesman to voice our thinking when such voicings seem called for.
    • 1999, Mary Walton, Car [2]
      It’s overblown, it isn’t quite as consensus-oriented management as you might think—but did they consense on this over twenty years?
    • 2003, Milan Daniel, “Algebraic Structures Related to the Consensus Operator for Combining of Beliefs,” in Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning With Uncertainty, Thomas D. Nielsen and Nevin L Zhang edd. [3]
      Consensus of two opinions is Bayesian iff at least one of the opinions consensed (i.e. combined by the consensus operator) is Bayesian.


consense (plural consenses)

  1. agreement
    • 1995, Max Pensky, “Universalism and the situated critic,” in The Cambridge Companion to Habermas, Stephen K White ed. [4]
      In this way the rational constitution of a democratic state is the embodiment of a preestablished, decontextualized social contract, an expectation on which all particular consenses and compromises must be based: [...]
    • 1999, M. Banzi et al., “An Experience in Configuration Management in SODALIA,” in System Configuration Management, Jacky Estublier ed. [5]
      Special thanks to Michele Marini for his revision and his consense to the effort necessary in the writing of the paper.
    • 2001, Azizah Y al-Hibri, “Standing at the Precipice,” in Religion in American Public Life, Azizah Y al-Hibri et al. edd. [6]
      If one raises the bar too high—seeking, say, civil harmony and unity rather than the possibility of working and shifting consenses and a comingling of pluralities and commonalities—religious differences are always going to be problematic at best.





  1. vocative masculine singular of consensus