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From contiguous +‎ -ity.


contiguosity (countable and uncountable, plural contiguosities)

  1. (rare) contiguousness; contiguity.
    • 1912, The Chicago Medical Recorder[1], volume 34, page 460:
      Skin lesions not infrequently are seen to follow catarrhal conditions by contiguosity.
    • 2001 May 28, Mireia Giralt, “The Lichen Genera Rinodina and Rinodinella (lichenized Ascomycetes, Physciaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula”, in Bibliotheca lichenologica[2], volume 79, page 39:
      It is a rather variable species, especially concerning the development of the thallus, the contiguosity of the apothecia and the ascospore size and shape.
    • 2018 May 19, AlexRainforestDev [username], “ContiguousArray and Data Locality”, in Apple Developer Forums[3]:
      Both could be contiguous. arr1[ 10 ] and arr2[ 100 ] point to the same element1, but that has nothing to do with contiguosity.