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continue +‎ -ant

Noun edit

continuant (plural continuants)

  1. (phonetics) A linguistic sound other than a stop.
    Coordinate term: sonorant
  2. (mathematics) A determinant formed from a tridiagonal matrix.
    • 2007 July 18, Thomas Sattig, “Identity in 4D”, in Philosophical Studies, volume 140, number 2, →DOI:
      As a further point of clarification, notice that (C0) does not characterize a criterion for determining whether a continuant x of kind K that exists at t 1 is identical to a continuant y of kind K that exists at t 2 .
  3. (ontology) An endurant.

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continuant (comparative more continuant, superlative most continuant)

  1. Continuing; prolonged; sustained.
    a continuant sound

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Verb edit


  1. gerund of continuar

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  • (file)

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  1. present participle of continuer

Latin edit

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  1. third-person plural present active indicative of continuō