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Alternative formsEdit

  • cool-headed


cool +‎ headed, thus "having a cool head."


coolheaded (comparative more coolheaded, superlative most coolheaded)

  1. Having an even temper; calm and collected
    • 1921, Edison Marshall, “The Heart of Little Shikara”, in O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921[1]:
      There had been none among them coolheaded enough to reason out which trail he had likely taken, and thus look for him by the ford.
    • 1996 August 30, Jeffrey Felshman, “How to Win Enemies and Influence People”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      The heated rhetoric masked a more coolheaded strategy.
    • 2007 March 25, Liesl Schillinger, “The Evolution of a City, in Words and Pictures”, in New York Times[3]:
      Some essays are coolheaded, some shake with hysteria, some are memoirish, others didactic.