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copper +‎ bar, after the "copper" (coprocessor) component of the Commodore Amiga chipset.


copperbar (plural copperbars)

  1. (demoscene) An animated horizontal bar of colour that extends into the overscan area of the display.
    • 1996, "WolfMan^iNSaNiTY", Which scanline??? (on newsgroup
      There a[sic] quite a lot of effects you can get with horz.retraces, eg a textmode copperbar (change color #0 with every scanline)
    • 1998, "Paul-Jan Pauptit", Raster trix are a problem nowadays. (on Internet newsgroup
      Although most cards still support screen-tweaking, you can just forget about copperbars (writing within horizontal retrace fuks up the screen BADLY) and other effex. Same goes for changing the font.
    • 2000, "Lando", looking for software (on Internet newsgroup alt.amiga.demos)
      There was also the (really pretty famous) RSI Demomaker that let u make up your own intros/demos from a load of stock effects (bobs, starfields, copperbars, scrollers etc).. havent been able to find that tho...