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cork +‎ wood


corkwood (plural corkwoods)

  1. Any of numerous plants with bark or wood resembling cork, of diverse orders:
    1. Annona glabra, a plant found in the West Indies.
    2. Commiphora angolensis or sand corkwood, a shrub species growing mainly in Angola and Namibia.
    3. Duboisia, a genus with species found in Australia.
    4. Endiandra sieberi, a corkwood from Australia in the laurel family.
    5. Caldcluvia paniculosa, a soft barked corkwood from Australia in the coachwood family.
    6. Entelea arborescens, a species found in New Zealand.
    7. Erythrina vespertilio, or grey corkwood, a species from Australia.
    8. Hakea suberea, a species found in Australia.
    9. Leitneria floridana, a species found in southeastern North America.
    10. Melicope, a genus with species in Australia.
    11. Musanga cecropioides or African corkwood, a species found in Africa.
    12. Sesbania grandiflora, a species found in southeast Asia and northern Australia, with edible flowers.
  2. The wood of Quercus suber, the cork oak.