cormophyte +‎ -ic


cormophytic (comparative more cormophytic, superlative most cormophytic)

  1. Of or relating to cormophytes; having the character of a cormophyte.
    • 1931, H. P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness, chapter 5:
      They are more vegetable than animal, if these terms can be applied to the sort of matter composing them, and have a somewhat fungoid structure; though the presence of a chlorophyll-like substance and a very singular nutritive system differentiate them altogether from true cormophytic fungi.
    • 2000, Jan-Peter Frahm, Inselbergs: Biotic Diversity of Isolated Rock Outcrops in Tropical and Temperate Regions, Springer, page 91:
      Many bryophytes possess several cormophytic structures such as a cuticle, stomata, or conducting tissues; however, they make no use of them.
    • 2001, Karl-Josef Dietz, Progress in Botany, volume 62, Springer, page 220, “The Extracellular Matrix of the Plant Cell: Location of Signal Perception, Transduction and Response”:
      Similar developmental coordination is required for vascular differentiation in the graft union (Wang and Kollmann 1996) and for many other developmental processes (for example, for the development of functional connections between cormophytic parasites and their host plants).