county seat


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county seat (plural county seats)

  1. The city in which the offices of county government are located.
    Lawrence is the county seat of Douglas County.
    • 1960, Chow, Ching-wen, “The Awakening of the Chinese People”, in Lai Ming, transl.; Lai Ming, editor, Ten Years of Storm: The True Story of the Communist Regime in China[1], New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, LCCN 60-12858, OCLC 248252098, page 305; republished as China in Chains[2], number 8, Milwaukee, Wis.: THE TRUTH, Inc., 1961, ISSN 0041-3704, OCLC 14071357, page 4, column 2:
      Some ten thousand peasants in Hsichuan county in Honan province used hoes, scythes, wooden poles, etc. as weapons and took over the county seat. They expanded their forces and held areas in two neighboring counties. The CC sent a force of one hundred thousand troops and fought the peasants for nearly two months before the uprising was put down.

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