Alternative formsEdit


coupon +‎ -ing


couponing (uncountable)

  1. The use or distribution of money-saving coupons.
    • 1985, Cincinnati Magazine (volume 18, number 4, January 1985, page 105)
      Direct mail couponing delivers a redemption rate 3 times greater than that of newspapers, magazines or even preprinted inserts.
    • 1985, William M. Kincaid, Promotion—products, services, and ideas
      In addition, couponing is being used in industries not traditionally associated with the practice. Breweries, for example, are experimenting with it in the 14 states in which couponing for alcoholic beverages is legal.
    • 2011?, Lisa DeGirolamo, How to Use Coupons to Save Big Money at the Grocery Store
      Before I mastered the art of couponing I was spending $1200 a month at the grocery store to feed my family of four.