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Blend of cow +‎ catastrophe.


cowtastrophe (plural cowtastrophes)

  1. (humorous) A catastrophe involving cattle
    • 1859, Nathaniel Parker Willis, The Convalescent, page 24,
      As the reclining cow commonly rises first behind [...] with so close a shave upon a cow-tastrophe, I should not stand upon ceremony in the dark.
    • 1904 Moderator Topics, Volume 25, page 736,
      Adrian College students corral two cows in the college chapel, and were so chumpy as to be caught at it. Ten boys must face the faculty for this cowtastrophe.
    • 1925, Alice Dale Hardy, The Riddle Club at Sunrise Beach, page 50,
      "Mother, you wouldn't call that a catastrophe, would you?" inquired Artie, who could use words "as long as himself" his father sometimes declared. ¶ "Huh, that was a cowtastrophe," Fred said placidly.
    • 1988, Weekly World News volume 9 number 14 (January 12), page 36,
      Earth faces a cow-tastrophe! The Earth could be on the brink of a death-dealing calamity — and belching cows are partly to blame.