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  1. present participle of cram


cramming (plural crammings)

  1. The act by which something is crammed, or stuffed full.
    • Joseph Hall
      Think not, that you can climbe vp to heauen with full panches, euer reaking of Indian smoak, & the surfetts of your gluttonous Crammings & Quaffings.
    • 1838, John Sanderson, Sketches of Paris: in familiar letters to his friends
      In some parts of the house were all the comforts of elbowings, shufflings, crammings and squeezings, and on the outside all the racket that was possible of screaming women, and wrangling coachmen []
  2. An intensive course of hard study, as for an examination.
    • 1885, Journal of Education (volume 7, page 391)
      And, what with innumerable numbers of stiff and stiffer and stiffest competitions and examinations and crammings and general papers bristling at all angles, []