From crash +‎ -worthy.


crashworthy (comparative more crashworthy, superlative most crashworthy)

  1. (of a vehicle) Capable of withstanding a crash.
    • 1998, Athanasios G. Mamalis, Crashworthiness of composite thin-walled structural components:
      Knowledge, therefore, of the conditions prevailing, which are not uniquely defined during the static or dynamic axial collapse, leads to an estimate of the mechanical response and the crashworthy behaviour of the structural component [...]
  2. (of a social event) Worthy of being gatecrashed.
    • 2007, Tate Hallaway, Dead Sexy, Berkley (2007), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “This is a traditional wake,” I explained, hoping that maybe the addition of an actual corpse might convince them this party wasn't crash-worthy.
    • 2011, Wendy Gillis, "Five crashworthy holiday parties — and one you can attend", The Toronto Star, 2 December 2011(used in title only)
    • 2014, Edward Joffe, Before Mandela's Rainbow, AuthorHouse (2014), →ISBN, page 169:
      In the unlikely event of there being no crashworthy weekend parties, []

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