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From creation +‎ -ary.



  1. Of or relating to creation.
    • 1894, James Hutchison Stirling, Darwinianism: workmen and work
      Nay, let us but consider this, that, under a general creationary theory,—before any one evolutionary doctrine, Lamarckian, Vestigian, Erasmo-Darwinian, Carlo-Darwinian, or other, came up,—never, whether in affinities, or embryology, or geology, or geography, or even rudimentary organs, was there a single difficulty felt,—let us but consider this I say, and it will be plain to be seen that all that concerns affinities and the rest constitutes no fee-simple that shall be proper and peculiar to natural selection alone. (p. 151)
      But these homologies and the rest we hold ourselves dispensed from the consideration of, simply in view of the fact that they were a material common to all the evolutionary theories, and never on the whole denied even by the creationary ones. (p. 341)
    • 1951, Charles Francis Potter, The preacher and I: an autobiography
      The evolutionary hypothesis or theory is a much better theory than the creationary theory, but it is still only a theory, and Dr. Straton had only to point out that fact.
    • 2002, Robert A. Herrmann, Science Declares Our Universe Is Intelligently Designed, page 209:
      These verses are directed to individuals who don't acknowledge the incomprehensible aspects of God as represented by His wondrous creationary power.

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