A minced oath ("Christ's money", in reference to the payment of silver that Judas got for betraying Jesus).




  1. Alternative form of criminy
    • 2004, Tim Nyberg, The Practical Joker's Handbook, page 71, ISBN 0740741985.
      "Crimony, honey, would you get the dog outta here?
    • 2008, Carol Huff, Groffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats, page 169, ISBN 1440105405.
      "Jake, do you realize this is Sunday?" Mitch asked.
      "Holy crimony, you're right. And, we left this morning without as much as a prayer of thanks for the shelter from the rain."
    • 2008, Carolyn Hart Bennett, Seven Sisters: The Voyage, page 169, ISBN 0595522424.
      "Crimony!" Matthew griped as he bent over and tried to breath.
    • 2009, Eric Ellis Brown, Best Laid Plans
      For crimony sakes (again..?...look it up) grown men let punks rule their streets.
    • 2009, Harvey Kubernik, Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon, page 67, ISBN 1402765894.
      Holy crimony, these guys are the next wave.
    • 2010, *Michelle Smith, Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy: A Guide to Life With a Belly, page 2, ISBN 1453667164.
      HOW does that much air get in my body?! Crimony!