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From cruel +‎ -some.


cruelsome (comparative more cruelsome, superlative most cruelsome)

  1. Marked by cruelness or cruelty
    • 1993, Harish Yadav, Incredible But True:
      Hayber was rewarded for his services in the most cruelsome manner. He was shot dead.
    • 2008, David J. Emmick, Defending the Wilderness:
      Two days out of every three, the prisoners were guarded by a gang of ignorant and cruelsome Negroes.
    • 2010, Sybille Frank, ‎Silke Steets, Stadium Worlds: Football, Space and the Built Environment:
      While there may be production-specific reasons for the decision not to make use of the stadium environment as a film setting – as the authentic site of its cruelsome misappropriation as a refugee camp and later as a slaughtering place – [...]
    • 2013, Stephen B. Oladipo, Vision 20 2020 & The Menace of Vandalism:
      Whereas, such activities parade cruelsome consequences on the nation's socio-political and economic development quest.


cruelsome (comparative more cruelsome, superlative most cruelsome)

  1. (informal, nonstandard) In a cruelsome manner; severely
    • 2015, Rodman Philbrick, Coffins:
      The weather is “cruelsome hot.”