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crushed sugar



crushed sugar (countable and uncountable, plural crushed sugars)

  1. A type of sugar that is crushed into granules. Lumpy sweet, white, refined sugar.
    • 1828. Alexander M'Donnell. Colonial Commerce: Comprising an Inquiry Into the Principles ..., J. Murray, page 236,
      The crushed sugars, which are now imported from England, do not pay the high duty of 16 1/2 florins...
    • 1872. Horace Greeley. The Great industries of the United States, being an historical summary of the origin, growth, and perfection of the chief industrial arts of this country, Burr & Hyde, page 259,
      In the manufacturing of crystal and crushed sugar, the preliminary processes are the same as loaf sugar...
    • 2001. Helen Myhre, Mona Vold, Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook, University of Wisconsin Press, 2001, page 256,
      Dip the top in slightly beaten egg whites, then into the crushed sugar.