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From Romani kushto, kushti (good). Perhaps influenced by cushy.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkʊʃ.ti/
  • Rhymes: -ʊʃti
  • (file)


cushty (comparative more cushty, superlative most cushty)

  1. (Britain, Ireland, slang) Excellent, very good.
    • 1937, Curtis, James, There Ain't No Justice, page 239:
      "That's right," said Tom. "You'll be all right, though. The old dame says as how she'll be able to do it cushty. She wouldn't be doing it otherwise. You see, if anything was to happen she'd get done fer murder."
    • 1990, Haselden, John, The Trotter Way to Millions, BBC Books, page 81:
      I hadn't felt that cushty since the time I went down Our Lady of the Divine Rosary for confession. As I told Father O'Keith, I'd bought some gear off Sunglasses Ron and Paddy the Greek that wasn't entirely kosher.
    • 2015 December 9, Lightfoot, Gareth, “Prisoner who boasted of 'cushty' life in jail on Facebook has sentence increased”, in The Daily Mirror[1]:
      A blackmailer who bragged on Facebook of his “cushty” life in prison has had time added to his sentence.
    • 2016 October 5, Gallagher, Ian, quoting Tom Ingram, “Tom Ingram to stay with Speedworks Motorsport in 2017”, in Touring Car Times[2]:
      Looking back at the season, it’s been a hell of a year for us. I’ve learned a hell of a lot, the team’s learned a hell of a lot and it’s only going to help us moving forwards into next season with a stronger car and a stronger driver. It’s going to be cushty!
    • 2017 May 9, Turner, Sam, “Robin Goodfellow's racing tips: Best bets for Wednesday, May 10”, in The Daily Mail[3]:
      The Roodee feature has been a happy hunting ground for jump trainers in recent seasons and Alan King looks to have found a cushty opportunity for his five-year-old who was last seen running a blinder in the Coral Cup at the Cheltenham festival.

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