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Alternative formsEdit

  • cyber attack


cyber- +‎ attack


cyberattack (countable and uncountable, plural cyberattacks)

  1. An attack or intrusion by means of a computer network such as the Internet, often for the purpose of spying
    • 1996, July 1, “Stephen Pizzo”, in Information Superhighway Under Assault[1]:
      He also points out that if the US does come under cyberattack, we may be powerless to stop the attack.
    • 2014 April 6, David E. Sanger, “U.S. tries candor to assure China on cyberattacks”, in The New York Times[2]:
      In the months before Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's arrival in Beijing on Monday, the Obama administration quietly held an extraordinary briefing for the Chinese military leadership on a subject officials have rarely discussed in public: The Pentagon's emerging doctrine for defending against cyberattacks against the United States – and for using its cybertechnology against adversaries, including the Chinese.



cyberattack (third-person singular simple present cyberattacks, present participle cyberattacking, simple past and past participle cyberattacked)

  1. To launch a cyberattack
    • 2003, August 19, “Kevin Maney & Michelle Kessler”, in Blackout spurs cyberattack worry[3]:
      A study by security company Riptech found that in the six months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, energy companies were cyberattacked at twice the rate of other industries surveyed.

Derived termsEdit