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cyber- +‎ equivalent


cyberequivalent (plural cyberequivalents)

  1. An equivalent of something, in terms of computers.
    • 1997, Computerworld (volume 31, number 50, 15 December 1997)
      Anyone who has attended a technology conference or registered on a Web site is deluged with the cyberequivalent of junk mail.
    • 1998, Jon Samsel, Darryl Wimberley, Writing for interactive media (page 67)
      This is the cyberequivalent of the campfire or the front porch and goes way back to oral traditions of storytelling.
    • 2008, Linda Volonino, Reynaldo Anzaldua, Computer forensics for dummies (page 8)
      Big Mistake #1 is thinking that the Delete key is the cyberequivalent of a paper shredder.