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cyber- +‎ hug


cyberhug (plural cyberhugs)

  1. A hug expressed through text or emoticon between computer users.
    • 1998, Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy, David Ticoll, Natalie Klym, Blueprint to the digital economy: creating wealth in the era of e-business
      Kinesthetic feedback has not yet developed to the point where a cyberhug is equivalent to the real thing.
    • 2003, Dana Carpender, How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds
      Someday I'll thank her in person with a big hug instead of only a cyberhug.
    • 2005, Heidi Campbell, Exploring religious community online: we are one in the network
      Sometimes you give people a little touch on the arm and a cyberhug is one way...