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cyber- +‎ immortality


cyberimmortality (uncountable)

  1. A hypothetical form of immortality in which a person's consciousness, memories, etc. are transferred into a computer system.
    • 1999, Susan Hawthorne, Renate Klein, Cyberfeminism: connectivity, critique and creativity (page 207) is quite likely that it will be a white male 'cyberelite' who will invest in cyberimmortality for themselves. Yet at the same time they will need women as real and virtual sex objects as well as menial workers/emotional supporters for their travails/travels in cyberspace.
    • 2011, Gregory R Hansell, William Grassie, H+/-: Transhumanism and Its Critics (page 42)
      It is this embodiment that transhumanism seeks to transcend in its most radical program of cyberimmortality.