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cyber- +‎ -land


cyberland (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The Internet or cyberspace.
    • 1996, Allen Kent, James G Williams, Carolyn M Hall, Rosalind Kent, Encyclopedia of Microcomputers: Volume 19
      As more people begin to own virtual real estate in cyberland, space and traffic become forces that threaten users' ability to explore...
    • 1997, Sue-Ellen Case, The domain-matrix: performing lesbian at the end of print culture
      In the light of such a discovery, what kind of a materialist critique could remain useful within the emerging cyberland?
    • 2001, Barbara Maria Stafford, Visual Analogy: Consciousness as the Art of Connecting
      Face identification, hand geometry, and iris scanning indicate that all is not well in cyberland.
    • 2001, Michael Drapkin, Jon Lowy, Daniel Marovitz, Three clicks away: advice from the trenches of eCommerce
      This section outlines a process that can be used for identifying, quantifying, shepherding, and delivering whatever you are trying to achieve in cyberland.
    • 2004, Ronald Alsop, The 18 immutable laws of corporate reputation
      Here's a little sampling of what's being said in cyberland about companies whose names you know very well.