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From land.


  • IPA(key): /lənd/, /lɪnd/ (if in geographical place names, usually related to places in Europe, such as New Zealand in Australasia which is related to Zeeland in the Netherlands)
  • /lænd/, [lænd] (if in metaphorical use, or with geographical place names, usually outside Europe, such as Thailand and Swaziland)



  1. Used to form the name of a territory, country, or region.
    Graceland /ɡɹeɪs.lənd/
    Disneyland /dɪænd/
    • 2005, Caroline Jasper, Powercolor: master color concepts for all media (→ISBN), page 132:
      In "Bobland," as Robert Burridge refers to his studio, the artist surrounds himself with vibrant color.
    • 2006, Michael Gray, The Bob Dylan encyclopedia, page 454:
      [] Jeff Bridges, the loathsome journalist (and in Bobland there is no other sort) is grinding out his weary cynical take []
    • 2013, Elisabeth Rose, E For England (→ISBN):
      'As long as you treat the kids properly and help financially I don't care what you do.' [Kevin] exhaled loudly. 'Thanks, Annie. You're a wonderful woman and I do love you, you know that.' So in Kevinland that made everything right.
  2. Used to form the name of a sphere of activity or interaction.

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