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cyber- +‎ -phobia


cyberphobia (uncountable)

  1. fear of computers and technology
    • 1982 Oct 3, Bruce E. Bergen, Increasing Proudctivity and Comfort, in New York Times, pAS26
      Overcoming cyberphobia is not easy, but any effort to automate professionals must address their resistance and concerns or be doomed to failure.
    • 1991, T. B. Barrier, Assessing the Role of Cyberphobia, in Managing Information Technology in a Global Society, p169
      Past studies have been performed to investigate the phenomena of cyberphobia, to measure cyberphobia, and to examine the demographic and psychological variables related to cyberphobia ... .
    • 2001, Donald Hugh Parkerson & Jo Ann Parkerson, Transitions in American Education, page 213:
      Moreover most young people who have grown up with computers find this cyberphobia difficult to understand.