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cyclize +‎ -ation

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cyclization (countable and uncountable, plural cyclizations)

  1. (organic chemistry) The process of cyclizing, of becoming or causing to become aromatic.
    • 1936, Aristid V. Grosse, "Dehydrogenation of Hydrocarbons", US Patent 2148129 [1], page 1:
      "The dehydrogenation reactions may involve isomerization and cyclization as well as the formation of olefins and unsaturated compounds generally."
  2. (chemistry) Any reaction that results in the formation of a ring.
    • 1962, Rudolph J. Angelo, "Linearly Fused Polycyclic Polymers and Process", US Patent 3245974 [2], page 2 col. 5:
      "It is convenient to run the cyclizations at a temperature between 25° C. and 100° C."

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