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dead-wrong (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Alternative form of dead wrong
    • 1986, Campaigns & Elections - Volume 7, page 20:
      Be careful how you deny a dead-wrong story that has yet to be published.
    • 2012, Dean Koontz, One Door Away from Heaven, →ISBN:
      Committing herself to the dead-wrong type of man, more than once, had led to her current circumstances, ...
    • 2015, Gloria H. Giroux, Voices of Angels: A Novel, →ISBN:
      You're jumping to conclusions, Gregory. Why don't you simply ask me instead of making dead-wrong conclusions?

Usage notesEdit

Typically, this form is used only when preceding a noun (the dead-wrong thing) rather than as the object of a statement of being (the thing is dead-wrong).